The administration and accounting requirements of clubs are unique. Such organisations often struggle to survive financially, traditionally have a high turnover of committee members and often have weak or non existent financial controls over cash.

We have established a specialist team of club accounting expertise, who currently act for organisations in various sectors:

  • Local sports,
  • Leisure,
  • Ex-servicemen associations,
  • Social,
  • Hobbies.

These clubs can be structured as Industrial and Provident Society companies or simply by unregistered Trust Deed. We find that the services that these clubs are most interested in are:

Compliance Services

  • Preparation¬†of annual accounts,
  • Different levels of assurance on these accounts:
    • None,
    • Independent Examination,
    • Audit,
  • Corporation tax compliance, which sometimes involves claiming and preserving the tax beneficial mutual status,
  • VAT partial exemption schemes,

Outsourced Services

Advisory Services

  • Registration as Community Amateur Sports Clubs, to take advantage of various corporation tax benefits and exemptions from business rates,
  • Attending your AGM to present the accounts,
  • Advising in relation to financial controls.

Instruct us to¬†prepare your club’s statutory accounts and we shall unburden you of the worry of correctly complying with your constitution. We shall also ensure that these accounts are prepared in sufficient time to be filed with the relevant Authorities by the statutory filing deadlines and in advance of your AGM. When preparing these accounts, we shall be mindful of your beneficial tax status and we shall actively seek proven techniques to improve your finances.

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