Company Formation

Formation of a new private limited company requires consideration of company law, taxation, commercial and practical issues. If all of these aspects are properly blended into the initial structure of the company, time, trouble and expense can be saved later on.

When we form such companies, we provide the following full service:

  • Incorporating the company with your choice of unique available name from day 1. Before choosing this name, you should consider internet domain name availability and whether there might be any problems at Companies House in relation to:
    • If it contains a ‘sensitive’ word, which requires permission to use.
    • If Companies House may not allow the name as they regard it as the ‘same as’ an existing company.
    • If the name, trade and location are similar to an existing company, which could lead to this other company making a complaint under the ‘passing off’ rules.
  • We will personalise your Memorandum and Articles of Association, to enable tax efficient remuneration throughout the life of the company.
  • For areas not covered by the Memorandum and Articles of Association, we shall discuss the option of creating a shareholders agreement.
  • We shall arrange for all initial statutory Board and General Meeting minutes to be prepared and affixed in a minute book.
  • We shall provide a company seal.
  • We shall record the initial statutory details in the appropriate registers.
  • We shall register the new business for corporation tax and, where appropriate, PAYE and VAT.

At present there are considerable tax benefits arising from trading through a limited company, compared to being unincorporated. Let us take away your worry, as we will ensure that your new business is set up correctly, in all respects, and in a manner that will save tax in the future.