As the UK continues it’s love affair with property, there continues to be activity in the buy-to-let and speculative property development fields.

Such investors are often new to the mechanics of business and taxation and will usually require a mix of our services:

Compliance Services

  • Preparation of annual rental accounts,
  • Completion and submission to HMRC of personal tax returns,

Advisory Services

  • Advice on personal or corporate ownership and business structure,
  • An understanding of how rental trancations are taxed,
  • Capital gains tax advice,
  • An understanding of rent-a-room relief, principal private residence relief, lettings exemption and other claims to reduce the tax cost of holding and selling property,
  • Advice on re-structuring your finances so that all finance costs can be off-set as a tax deduction against your rental income.

Property investors can often find themselves paying a great deal of ongoing and/or exit tax. We have a specialist team that understand this, and are familiar with a range of tax advice solutions to reduce this tax leakage. Let us take away your worry of understanding how the tax system will affect you and let us see if we can reduce your tax exposure.

Our Property Investors Group “A Brief Guide to...” Publications:

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I have always found Whiting & Partners helpful, reliable, always willing to discuss problems and advise on the best procedure.

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Richard Alecock
10th July 2017 Pros and cons of using limited companies for buy to let properties

Following the announcement to cut tax relief for landlords from April 2017, setting up a limited company to purchase investment properties has been suggested as one way to ease the burden of tax. Whilst the legal transaction is essentially the same whether an individual or a company is purchasing the buy- to- let properties, there…

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Jodie Tarbin
29th March 2017 Tax Relief Restriction

Buy-to-let Mortgages: Tax relief restrictions soon to commence. The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) issued a press release today reminding residential property landlords that the first phase of the restriction of tax relief for mortgage interest commences in April. The change means that finance costs (including mortgage interest) will no longer be deductible in full…

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Catherine Hubbard
5th March 2017 MTD Update

Making Tax Digital: or Making Tax Difficult? Our MTD team look at a general update on MTD, Landlords, Timelines and Deadlines, Third Party Data, Bridging the Digital Gap, Unincorporated Businesses and ‘are you ready?’: Full Newsletter Blog entry by: Catherine Hubbard.

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Catherine Hubbard
24th February 2017 MTD Update

MTD: Revenue hold firm. HMRC have published their long awaited response to the making tax digital (MTD) consultation documents.  In essence the original timeline as detailed in the consultation documents remains unchanged, with the first taxpayers being affected by MTD from April 2018. Therefore for those businesses with an accounting year end of 5 April and…

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Catherine Hubbard
22nd February 2017 MTD & VAT

MTD: Merging with VAT returns. As part of Making Tax Digital for Business, those unincorporated businesses who are also VAT registered will have to submit their VAT data through a digital software package from April 2019, rather than by using HMRC’s online portal. This will hit those businesses who do not currently use an accounting…

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Paul Jefferson
1st February 2017 VAT on Self-Builds

DIY Builder VAT Reclaims:  Get the detail right. A recent tax tribunal case highlighted the point of completion of a new build project in relation to DIY builder VAT claims. It noted that it is not necessarily the date on the Certificate of Completion which represents a building project as being finished. The Certificate can…

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