General Practice

As a firm of general practice chartered accountants, we need to master many core disciplines.

Although we have specifically identified certain services and sectors in which we have gained much experience and expertise, we are also able to assist in many other areas that fall into other, general practice, categories.


A summary of our general practice services:

  • Business plan preparation
  • Advice on the most appropriate trading structure
  • Assistance in raising of finance
  • Incorporation, if you decide to trade as a limited company
  • Registration for all of the appropriate taxes
  • Pro-active business and personal tax, finance and structure advice
  • Business support (Book-keeping and payroll)
  • Introduction of appropriate financial controls
  • Both internal Management Accounting and external Statutory Accounting
  • Pre-sale grooming
  • Business sale, succession or dissolution
  • Managing and protecting your wealth


Why choose us?

  • Established for over 90 years
  • Transparent fee based service
  • Central accountancy and business advisory service
  • Specialist advice and support
  • Local office locations

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Get in touch with your local office and speak to one of our specialist advisers about our General Practice services.

Latest Blogs in General Practice
Stephen Malkin
13th October 2015 Infrastructure Funding

Slow Broadband: £3k grants available. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport have grants available for up to £3,000 to cover the broadband installation costs of upgrading to a faster and more reliable connection for your business. They say you could get a fibre optic, cable or wireless broadband connection,n amongst other options.  Most businesses…

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Andrew Band
26th August 2015 Centre of Excellence

Fenland Office: Plans announced to create ‘Centre of Excellence’. We are pleased to announce plans to create a newly constructed super-office on the southern edge of March. This will enable us to create, under one roof, the teams of specialist advisers that modern day clients require to service their compliance, out-sourcing and advisory requirements. Blog…

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Mark Haydon
2nd July 2015 Public Record Disclosures

Abbreviated Accounts: keep your business finances confidential. Instead of filing full statutory accounts on the public record and revealing your sales and gross margin to your competitors and suppliers, you may be eligible to choose instead to file abbreviated accounts if certain conditions are met. Abbreviated accounts are shorter accounts and as such do not include…

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Andrew Winearls
6th June 2015 Share Valuation Test Case

Mr & Mrs Foulser v HMRC: interesting test case on valuing shares in unquoted company. Business owners may only have to value shares in their family company on a few occasions during their lifetime (eg for commercial share transfers, gifts or capital taxes calculations), but the numbers involved are likely to be material. So a…

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Ernesta Petkeviciute
3rd February 2015 Pension Schemes

Despite the bad press that pension schemes have received over the last 20 years, there are still many appealing tax, protection and wealth creation features of setting up and running your own pension scheme. The legacy of Robert Maxwell lives on, in the form of the Pensions Act 1995, and all such pensions must now follow…

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Ian Piper
24th January 2015 Protect Valuable Assets from Business Risks

We can assist in this process by assisting in assessing risk and then advising on introducing appropriate mitigation: Robust Financial Management Undertaking a voluntary or statutory audit as, both, a preventative and detective measure. Introducing appropriate financial controls, timely financial reporting procedures and other examples of best practice governance. Registering for the Companies House PROOF…

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Mark Haydon
9th May 2014 Recognising Success

2016 British Small Business Awards: Nominations invited. This years Awards are taking place in London on 20th October and the nomination deadline is 27th May. There are 3 categories: Sole Trader of the year, Micro Business of the Year (2-9 people), Small Business of the Year (10-50 people). For further details visit: and for…

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Ian Piper
27th February 2014 Whitings SME Growth Index

Data Source: Whitings’ SME Growth Index The Whitings’ SME Growth Index is a barometer to measure and bench-mark how successful our clients are in being able to grow their businesses. It is constructed as follows: Year on year turnover (excluding exceptional income sources) is continually measured over the review period. Results are assigned to the year in which…

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Ian Piper
24th January 2012 Company Pre Year End Planning

Reviewing business financial performance just before the year end, then taking actions to influence how the year end results will look, should be a key element of the annual financial management routine for larger more pro-active businesses. Although tax mitigation is usually the key aim of most company directors performing this task, they should not…

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Ian Piper
27th May 2020 Tax Free Benefits in Kind

Certain payments made by businesses on behalf of employees are tax free and can be used in flexible remuneration situations: Employer pension scheme contributions (up to £40,000 per employee per annum, plus potential ‘catch-up’ from previous 3 years. This assumes your personal income is not above £100k, you are not already drawing benefits from a…

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