Trusts and Estates

Our private tax department can offer knowledge and support in establishing a trust, for asset protection or tax planning purposes, alongside helping you manage your estate in a tax-efficient manner.

We offer an array of compliance and advisory services, including specialist advice on inheritance tax and succession planning, allowing you to plan for the future and ensure you maximise the benefits of your estate.

Our Trust and Estate services:

  • Preparation of annual accounts
  • Preparation and submission of the annual tax return
  • Preparing R185 certificates for beneficiaries of trusts and estates
  • Assisting with obtaining probate and the administrative necessities of valuing assets and changing ownership details
  • Acting in an individual capacity as a trustee or executor (Partners)
  • Advice on initially establishing and registering a trust
  • Inheritance Tax advice
  • Preparation and submission of Inheritance Tax returns
  • Considering the use of deeds of variation to maximise the tax benefits to an estate.

Why choose us?

  • Tailored services to suit your needs
  • Fully-qualified team of advisors
  • Locally based offices

Get in touch with your local office and speak to one of our specialist advisers about our Trusts and Estates services.

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