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3rd March 2014 Salary Sacrifice to Boost Pension Funding

As employer funding of occupational pension schemes becomes more expensive and complex, many employers are abandoning this traditional remuneration channel, leaving employees to organise and fund their own retirement income planning. This change in policy will typically be structured by an increased salary, to enable the employee to individually contribute directly into a personal pension…

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3rd March 2014 Buy-to-let Taxation

If you are considering purchasing a residential buy-to-let property, you may not be fully aware of the tax implications. Usually there will be two taxes that you may have to pay. These are, income tax, which is payable each year based on your profit from the property, and capital gains tax, which is payable when…

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5th April 1998 Bed & Breakfasting Shares

On 5th April 1998 the Chancellor introduced new share matching rules, which restrict the ability of individuals and trusts to ‘Bed and Breakfast’ their quoted shares. The new rules require a sale of shares, or other security, to be matched with acquisitions in the following order: Same day acquisitions, Acquisitions within the following 30 days…

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