Start Ups

Starting your own business is usually a step into the unknown. You have the business idea and some trade experience, but need assistance with the setting up and running of your new business. Areas such as structure, regulation, tax and deadlines are likely to be unfamiliar to you.

We offer a whole range of services which can help. Typically, these will include:


  • Business Plan preparation, if required by a funder or you deem a helpful exercise for you personally,
  • Advice on the most appropriate trading structure:
    • Sole Trader
    • Partnership
    • Limited Liability Partnership
    • Limited Company
  • Assistance in the structuring and raising of finance and, setting up appropriate banking facilities,
  • Searching for possible sources of grant funding,

Getting Started

  • Incorporation, if you decide to trade as a limited company,
  • Considering and registering for all of the appropriate taxes,
  • Pro-active tax, finance and business advice,

Running the Business

Meeting with one of our partners, associates or managers for a free initial consultation should be your starting point. This will enable you to explain your business plans to us and ask us for guidance in the relevant areas. Our business future is tied into yours, and we are passionate about providing you with all of the advice and support services that you will need to prosper.

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Amanda Newman
8th March 2017 Budget 2017

What’s in it for the self-employed? Starting with the good news, those with a turnover of less than £85k have been delayed from having to adopt accounting software and quarterly reporting under HMRC’s new Making  Tax digital until April 2019. However, on the downside, you will have to pay 10% class 4 national insurance rather…

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Steve Smith
18th February 2017 Growth Funding

Anglia LEP: Offering £1/2m grants towards business expansion. The New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership is calling for local businesses wanting to grow and create new jobs to apply for grants up to £500,000 through the Growing Business Fund. Businesses across Norfolk and Suffolk may apply for a grant of up to 20% of the total cost…

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Amanda Newman
18th October 2016 Limited Company v Sole Trader

Minimising the tax paid on profits is a key aim of most SME businesses. The tax benefits of trading through a limited company, as compared to operating as a sole trader or partnership, soon becomes attractive as profits grow.

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Amanda Newman
25th July 2016 Summer Holiday Dreaming

Dreaming of Starting your own Business? The summer holidays are here, which means for most people you will have the traditional summer break, and then face the prospect of returning to work. This is when thoughts may wander to starting your own business – working for yourself rather than for someone else. For many this…

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Steve Smith
13th July 2016 Business Grants

Business Grants: For East Anglian SME’s. Growing Business Fund– grants of up to £500,000 for companies that are expanding and creating jobs. BEE Anglia (Business Energy Efficiency) – provides grants of up to £20,000 at an average of 28% intervention rate to implement next-phase technology to reduce carbon emissions or save costs. The Employer Training Incentive…

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Jadi Coe
8th July 2016 Business Name Protection

NewCo: Select and protect a unique company name. When a new company incorporates, its name should not be exactly the same as another registered company’s name or too similar to another. Same names also include those where the only difference is punctuation, a special character or particular words e.g. UK; .com. Too similar names may…

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